How it works

Our mission is to share the ultimate natural way to detox and cleanse the gut.

It’s time to take control of your health and well-being, in your gut and by working to eliminate toxins in your day to day environment.

We’re passionate about helping you safely detox and cleanse while teaching you lifelong education and how easy it can be to detox and get your life back.

Our protocol is unique in that it’s essential oil friendly. We use a combination of Herbs, Oils and Binders to help support the elimination of hidden pathogens.

The Essential Detox Kit is an easy 3-Step System designed to support pain reduction, bloating and cravings and restore vitality to your life.

Here’s How It Works


To kill pathogens, our protocol uses a broad spectrum of herbs and quality essential oils, to go in and support the killing step in our protocol.


After killing off pathogens, we use a binder to go in and support the environment of die-off. (AKA Herxheimer reactions)


Using a digestive tea blend, the body is supported in releasing build up and die-off for a more successful purge.

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